Adult tutoring around Lianhua Rd. Station weekday daytime

To tutor a lady conversational English once a week on some weekday daytime.
You can pick a day of Tue-Thu, time can be morning 10am – 12:00, or afternoon 1:30-3:30pm.
Location at the Costa Coffee inside the Friendship Shopping Mall nearby Lianhua Rd. Station.

Salary 200rmb per hour.

Her level is low, but her grammar is good. She’s just short of chances to speak.
She likes traveling and making friends with westerners, that’s why she wants to improve her spoken English.

Starting next week.

Tutoring English to Elementary girl in Minhang District, Longming Rd. crossing Gulong Rd.

to tutor an 8-year-old girl conversational English once a week.
Location Longming Rd. crossing Gulong Rd.

Google Map shows here:

Time can be any weekday evening 6-7pm or 8-9pm, except Thu.

Salary 200rmb per hour plus a traveling fee 30rmb each time.

Teacher speaking some Chinese is preferred.

Teaching English to Elementary Boy in Lianyang Area, Pudong

To tutor a 7-year-old boy 2-3 times a week, 2 hours each time.
Time can be weekdays afternoons.
Around half an hour for game, the rest for learning.
Location at the crossing of Dingxiang Rd. and Yingchun Rd.
Google Map shows here:

Salary 200rmb per hour, plus a traveling fee 30rmb each time.

Starting early July.

1. Active man teacher from the US.
2. Having experiences for lower age elementary students.
3. Ability of some mandarin is preferred.

Kindergarten children English tutoring around Xujiahui, age 5, 250rmb/hr

To tutor 2 5-year-old kids once a week on Sunday mornings, 1 hour each time.
Location around Xujiahui.
In July it’ll be twice a week, another class should be added on some weekday.
Salary 250rmb per hour.
Background: both of the 2 kids have been learning English for a year, they’ve got some basic English.

English tutoring for kindergarten boy, age 4, around Circus World Station, Line 1

To teach a 4-year-old boy 2-3 times a week.
Time can be afternoons or evenings, 4-5pm preferred, any weekday or weekend day works.
Location near to Line 1 Circus World Station.
Salary 200rmb per hour plus a traveling fee 30rmb each time.

Teaching English to kindergarten kid, Middle Yanggao Rd., Pudong

To tutor a 5-year-old boy conversational English 1 or 2 times a week on weekdays afternoons, time can be 5-6pm or 6-7pm, even 5:30pm-6:30pm.
Location on Middle Yanggao Rd. crossing Minsheng Rd., around 8 mins walk from Line 9 Middel Yanggao Rd. Statioin (Pudong terminal).
Salary 250rmb per hour. 1 hour each time.
Requirements: female teacher, should be familiar with kids tutoring with diverse methods, such as kid songs, flashcards, have materials for kindergarten kids tutoring
Background: the boy’s level is pretty good, vocabulary good, daily conversations with foreigners are no problem.

Teaching English to elementary boy, Sheshan, Songjiang

To teach a 6.5-year-old boy conversational English twice a week on weekdays late afternoons.
Schedule: 1.5 hours each time, you decide 2 weekdays.
Location: around 15 mins walk from Line 9 Sheshan Station.
Salary: 350rmb each time, for 1.5 hours.
Requirements: teacher should be from the UK, Australia or New Zealand, can speak some Chinese mandarin.
Background: the boy used to study in an international kindergarten, now he’s going to enter another international elementary school, level not so good, needs to improve speaking and vocabulary.

Suggestion for tutoring about homework, grammar and reading in class

1. Homework.
Most students don’t like homework, especially for that of writing. But parents usually like it.
My suggestion is give some homework on reading/speaking or gathering information doing some research, which is considered by parents professionalism.

2. Reading in class or sending contents for previewing.
Parents mostly think reading in class is a waste of time because students can do it after class. So if you will use some article, materials or contents from a textbook, you can let the student (or parents) know in advance so that they can preview them.
But reading in class for a few minutes is fine, thus you can assess the student’s reading level.

3. Grammar
99% students and parents don’t want grammar tutoring in class, because schools have given students too much.

But teachers can play it by ear, based on students or parents’ needs.

Teaching fruits names to kids: apple orange banana pear peach grapes mango

apple orange banana pear peach grapes mango

Run and Touch (Listen to a card)
Run and Touch…
Jump and Touch…
Walk and Touch…
Hop and Touch…

Teacher: Is it an apple or a pear?
Student: An apple.
Teacher: Do you like to eat grapes(apple/orange/banana/pear/peach/mango)?
Student: Yes, I do./ No, I don’t.

Daily Talk:
—Eat an apple.
–Peel the banana.
—Smell it.

Chant: This is a Mango
This is a mango,
Touch the mango.
This is a mango,
Wash the mango.
This is a mango,
Cut the mango.
This is a mango,
Smell the mango.
This is a mango,
Eat the mango.
Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Wagas Coffee, a good place for tutoring around Weining Rd. Station

Weining Rd. Station of Line 2 is an easy area for private students particularly from the west side of Shanghai. A couple of clients asked me where to study around Weining Rd. Station. Here’s the map showing the area:

Wagas coffee right stands beside Exit 2 of Weining Rd. Station (Line 2) and it seems not that noisy at KFC that is on the opposite side of Wagas.